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Friday, July 31

Physician Assistant

A health care professional that can provide basic health care but is not authorized to do so without the supervision of a licensed physician.

Thursday, July 30

Vertical Integration

Control of a large portion of the supply chain for a product. As it applies to health care, companies might control insurance, hospitals, and clinics.

Monday, July 27

Acute Episodes of Care

Timeframe encompassing the treatment period for a major health problem. These episodes are most commonly surrounding surgery and include pre- and post- surgical tests and post-operative care in addition to the surgery itself.

Friday, July 24


Healthcare providers that are able to reduce costs while still meeting quality standards are allowed to share in the savings.

Thursday, July 23

Family Glitch

An unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act when an employee is offered affordable ESI through their work place but the coverage offer is not extended to the employees’ family, or is unaffordable for the family. This leaves the employees’ spouse and/or children both ineligible for exchange subsidies and without access to other affordable coverage.

Tax on Medical Devices

The Affordable Care Act implements a 2.3% excise tax on the sale of any taxable medical device.